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  Auschwitz is the symbol of the greatest mass murder and Holocaust in the history of humanity. In this place Hitler tried to realize his plan of a complete extermination of the Jewish nation. The biggest Hitler's concentration camp with area of 40 km2 was built in 1940. More than 1.5 million people of 28 nationalities, including at least 1.1 million Jews, were killed here. Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum established on the camp's grounds serves as a reminder of the events that took place here.


  The visit starts with a documentary film that presents the camp just after liberation, then the gravely paths lead to the buildings, where in 18 barracks moving exhibitions have been arranged.

  Detailed programme of the trip to Auschwitz.

  • Bus transfer
  • Walk through the gate with the inscription "Arbeit macht frei"
  • Projection of a documentary film (for interested)
  • Touring the camp and locations connected with the mass murder (gas chambers, crematorium)
  • Return to Kraków

  Duration of the trip is about 7 hours. Bus departs on Saturday from Bosacka Street (the eastern side of the Central Railway Station) at 9.30.


  On the grounds of Auschwitz Nazis established a concentration camp for women and men. First experiments of killing people with Cyclone B were made here. It was a place of first mass murder of Jews and criminal experiments on prisoners. The entrance to the camp leads through the gate with meaningful inscription "Arbeit macht frei". The museum consists of brick camp buildings and a pavilion with a film projection room. There are shocking exhibitions of personal things stolen from the prisoners : huge number of glasses, toys or shoes. It is possible to visit the starvation cell where Saint Maksymilian Maria Kolbe was killed. The exit way leads near the gallows where the commander of the camp Rudolf Hőss was hanged.